Poonam Athalye is an architect with a Masters in Design, Visual communication from IIT Bombay where she specialized in experimental animation. She has made animation films in clay and oil paints. She also writes and illustrates books for children. more info:


Pragnya Wakhlu is a software professional, musician and composer and the founder of MOUSAI which specializes in using the methodology of dance and music for creative learning.


Shabana Mulla is a music & dance enthusiast. She is a software engineer by profession & has worked in the IT sector. She has been a part of many social initiatives involving education & environmental protection.


Justin Scarimbolo majored in Classical Guitar. He loves Indian languages and has come to India in the past on the Fullbright Hayes fellowship - learnt hindi, marathi, modi and farsi amongst other languages. He has been learning the sitar for the last 10 years and he has been a part of children’s camps for several years.


Ipsita Charkabarti is a M.phil in clinical psychology and has had her training in several schools with young children. She has a masters in clinical psychology and will be working with children using baking and cooking to enhance attention/concentration and math skills.


Radhika Bapat has an Mphil in Clinical Psychology and is the Head of Department, Child Guidance Centre. She uses story telling as a tool to\ work with children.


Smita Patil is an internationally certified Pilates expert.


Sayalee Pathak has received national and international awards in theatre and regularly performs with her group at theater festivals in Prithvi, Nat. School of Drama, Italy, etc. They have won several awards for their performances with Natak company and Aasakta amongst others.

Who are we and what are our competencies?

We are an interdisciplinary group consisting of Clinical Psychologists with varied interests ranging from memory enhancing exercises to increasing attention spans in children, Occupational therapists who are our mechanics working on children’s finger dexterity and motor consistency and physiotherapists who would help with shaping up and improving physical performance of your children. We have put our heads together with a Cordon Bleu Chef, an exceptionally radiant Theatre Artist and budding psychologist from the renowned theatre groups Aasakta and Natak Company, two acclaimed trainers who are the architects of MOUSAI, a company dedicated to reenergizing people and empowering themselves through the mediums of Music & Dance, a gifted, internationally licensed physical trainer a “Guru of Pilates“ which is a form of exercise designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, and posture, and enhance mental awareness and a Pied piper - Ethnomusicologist, a Major in Classical Guitar and Music therapy from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

About Imagineering Camp

Some of the common complaints we get from parents are their child getting bored and weary from school work and being able to concentrate only during movies and video-games. There is a lifeless quality to education that makes it unexciting and bland these days. We have found the perfect way to stifle boredom !
Creativity with a Twist As scientists we have known and research has shown that what enhances the brains ‘Executive Functioning” is not necessarily hours of homework drills and reproducing information on paper.
What is executive functioning? Top level skills that CEO’s, Managers, directors and HODs have like judgment, decision making, planning, abstraction, error correction and social conduct (to name a few) is included under this domain.
Survival of the fittest What can get your child at the top of his game is not necessarily scoring a 90% or distinction in his 6th grade exam. The story of the bright child who didn’t perform well until he really got to do what he wanted, is far too often told. We don’t endorse either extremes. As moderates, we believe work and play are equally important, but “marks do not a man make”.
Suicide and Failure Concept formation and comprehension is what is going to matter in senior school, this, along-with a sporty attitude. Unless you can take failure in your stride, success is of little use. If we start enumerating the number of successful people who have attempted suicide, the list will run into thousands. Its not just aptitude, its also attitude
21st century imagineers We would like to breed a new generation of commonsensical yet lighthearted children who are given a vent to their creativity within a framework, without overstating neither too much freedom nor too much control, but allowing for both.
Leadership We want our next generation leaders to be both practical and imaginative, both confident and able to laugh at themselves, both shrewd and sensitive, but under all circumstances, grounded.