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  • We have the state-of the art facility for video-based interventions in children
  • An audio-visual interactive software unit and a projector - with a room dedicated for such activities including projecting films for future film appreciation workshops
  • A room with a large mirrored wall for kinesthetic activities
  • A children's kitchen
  • A group therapy room with audio-visuals for psycho-educational videos to be shown to parents 2 testing rooms for educational and psychometric tests to be conducted
  • Open spaces (an aangan) for free play
  • An amphitheater to stage plays
  • A mini-pool for vestibular activities
  • An area for holding a 'market' once a month
  • A ceramics and painting space where 'earthy' activities can take place
  • A Sand-Pit and 'tube'
  • A toy library