The NACIACP – National Annual Conference of the Indian Association of Clinical Psychologists

The Child Guidance Center, DBSMH, Sahyadri Hospitals Ltd., was the organizer of the 38th NACIACP. This is the largest congregation of clinical psychologists in the country and has been held for the last 37 years. The national conference was held in Pune for the first time from 26th January 2012 to 29th January 2012, by a group of psychologists all below 31 years of age. The pre conference workshops included experts who spoke about ‘Research Methods: Mixed Methodology’, ‘Hypnotherapy in medical conditions’ and ‘Art Based Therapy.’
The conference was themed ‘Liaison Psychology: Making Mental Health Care Affordable and Accessible through Interdisciplinary Collaborations’. The conference featured symposia and presentations on disciplines ranging from mainstream clinical psychology to neurology, oncology, forensic psychology, occupational therapy and speech therapy.
Some symposium topics were, ‘Self work as a prerequisite for counselors and therapists: an Indian perspective,’ ‘Fading boundaries between dava and dua,’ ‘Dance for Parkinson’s disease,’ ‘Developing cost effective psychological treatments for delivery by non specialist health workers in low resource settings.’